Due to the making process each piece is totally unique. Heights may vary slightly and although the textures and patterns will be similar they can never be the same.
Hannah usually has a variety of pieces available at any one time but please contact her to check what colours she has etc. If you require a specific colour or a piece for a special occasion please allow 6 8 weeks, although most orders can be fulfilled within that time.
Hannah is always working on new designs and ideas so check the News section for regular updates. Should you wish to find out more about her work, discuss a one off piece or a commission, find out prices, to arrange to see her work or for any other reason please contact her and allow up to 48 hours for her to get back to you.
The range of colours available for the Energy Bowls, Memory Glasses, Continuing Journey Glasses, Memory Cluster Platters and Centre Pieces, Fading Memory Forms and Vases and the Internal Wave forms is shown on the Memory Streams and Shot Glasses page. The Silver Streak forms can also be made in a variety of colours but please contact Hannah for the range. The Hidden Nature panels can have a variety of enamels and powders applied depending on your requirements.

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